"Everything was easy as pie. Enjoyed watching my favourite team win again at last. Was already worth the investment!"


"I have used other providers and TV Solutions just outperforms them all. I have no complaints. Everything works well, fast and super smooth. Also has all the stations I watch. Highly recommended!"


"TV Solutions is a very good service offering channels that suit your individual preferences. I have loved also watching the amazing selection of films from past and present. A happy customer!"


"The choice of channels and on demand programmes is phenomenal/amazing. We already had UK satellite free-to-air channels, but now access to many other channels that we have never had before. The picture quality is perfect and 14-day catch-up means we can stay up to date. Absolutely love it!"


"As a keen sports fan, TV Solutions caters for every need. The setup was straightforward and seamless and the viewing experience has been excellent. I would thoroughly recommend to any expat."


"Easy setup, great service...highly recommended"


"It is so nice, when you live abroad, to have access to all the TV channels like if you were at home! And the video-on-demand service is great. I can only recommend TV solutions"


"We have been using TV Solutions for over a year now and have been extremely pleased with the service. It is great value for money, given the sheer number of channels. I can watch all my UK sports and as a bonus I get to watch American sports as well. We have particularly enjoyed the huge video club, which is fantastic for movies (old & brand new) and the obligatory Sunday afternoon TV program binge session"


“Thanks to TV Solutions, we have been able to watch all the channels and shows just like back in the US! We will be staying with TV Solutions forever!”


“We are very happy with the service and the quality of the programs that are available. The system is easy to set up and use and I wish we would have signed up earlier.”


“As the name implies, it is really a TV solution. I decided to give it a try at a time where I had almost given up on watching TV in Germany. It is easy to set up and the flexibility it offers is top notch.

The quality and variety of channels is simply the best I have ever had. I have used the service for 3 months now and no disruption or lag has been witnessed so far. With HD channels from all over the world.

To me this is the best tv package for expats and even locals!”


“A fantastic solution offering for anyone who enjoys the option on having a global availability of channels and movies, all you need for everyone in the family and easy to use”


“The TV Solutions box we received was easily set up, we simply plugged it into our router and we instantly connected to TV from US, Canada and elsewhere! It's really helped me and family stay up to date and able to better stay connected to our family back home!”


“Best TV package I've ever had and only wish I had bought it sooner.  I will continue to persuade friends and family that they should get it too.  No connection lag or interference!”


“Have been using their services for a couple of months now and am highly satisfied. Everything works really well and the large selection of channels, movies and TV shows means I've more or less stopped using other services and media channels.”


“TV Solutions has provided me with the best access to British television since I moved to Germany 10 years ago. The range of channels is very impressive, with all my favourite programmes and the staff are always happy to resolve any problems.”


"After a very prompt and speedy installation service over a month ago we are extremely impressed with at last being able to enjoy UK TV … Not only is the picture and sound quality of a high standard but the breadth of channels that we actually used to watch and pay expensive satellite bills for in the UK and now have in the package is really great"