“The TV Solutions box we received was easily set up, we simply plugged it into our router and we instantly connected to TV from US, Canada and elsewhere! It's really helped me and family stay up to date and able to better stay connected to our family back home!”


“Best TV package I've ever had and only wish I had bought it sooner.  I will continue to persuade friends and family that they should get it too.  No connection lag or interference!”


“Have been using their services for a couple of months now and am highly satisfied. Everything works really well and the large selection of channels, movies and TV shows means I've more or less stopped using other services and media channels.”


“TV Solutions has provided me with the best access to British television since I moved to Germany 10 years ago. The range of channels is very impressive, with all my favourite programmes and the staff are always happy to resolve any problems.”


"After a very prompt and speedy installation service over a month ago we are extremely impressed with at last being able to enjoy UK TV … Not only is the picture and sound quality of a high standard but the breadth of channels that we actually used to watch and pay expensive satellite bills for in the UK and now have in the package is really great"